BOLD RAINBOW Floral Coffee mug, white Mug, Rainbow mug, Hand-painted Henna mug with vibrant color - 16oz

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These sleek white mugs are handpainted with great attention to detail incorporating the art of henna.
An intricately detailed body done in Black outliner. The beautiful vibrant porcelain paints are the eye-catching feature of these mugs.

They are perfect for gift-giving or snag one for yourself!

*Dishwasher safe. Handwashing recommended.
*Holds 16 oz.
*Detailing (pictured here) is in Black outliner with RED, ORANGE, YELLOW, BLUE, GREEN, GOLD, PINK, MAGENTA and TURQUOISE fill w/ Gold accents. Other paint colors available in other listings.

DESIGNS ARE HAND-PAINTED and WILL VARY, but will always be beautifully done!